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Laserflex Flexible Manufacturing at the Speed of Light LASER CUTTING FORMING

Manufacturing Engineering, CAD/CAM Design

Design and Programming Software

Laserflex utilizes a variety of the latest CAD/CAM Design software in the industry. This ensures that we can accurately recreate drawings, optimize nesting and fully employ machine tool capabilities using our CAD/CAM Design experience.

Need a custom part manufactured by a highly skilled job shop. With years of experience in both CAD/CAM Design, our engineers can help you put together the right part. Because we are a one-stop job shop, we can build it, laser cut it, weld it, and finish it as well. Come up with the idea, and let our CAD/CAM Design expert engineers do the rest.

With over 40 years of combined experience in 2D, 3D, and CAD/CAM Design experience, we can assist with CAD/CAM design and development of your product from concept to completion.


  • AutoCAD LT 2010
  • Solidworks 2010
  • Tru Tops Suite
CAD/CAM Design and manufacturing,Ohio
CAD/CAM Design and manufacturing,Ohio   CAD/CAM Design and manufacturing,Ohio
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Laser Flex Inc. is the #1 laser cutting, forming, laser welding and metal painting company in Ohio, offering CNC machining services and sheet metal manufacturing in the eastern United States from Ohio. Laserflex Inc is the #1 Laser cutting,laser welding and forming job shop in columbus ohio,cincinnati,Dayton,Toledo,Cleveland,Louisville,Lexington,Philadelphia,Pittsburg,Lewistown,Detroit,Ann Arbor,Lansing,Indianapolis,Richmond Indiana,Bloomington IN,Charleston WV.

Our Service Area includes South Carolina,Kentucky,Pennsylvania,Michigan,Indiana,West Virginia,Iowa,Kansas,Georgia,Florida,New York,Washington DC,Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota,Oklahoma, Texas,wisconsin, Illinois,Missouri,Mississippi,Arkansas,Tennessee,Indiana,Maine,Massachusetts,North Carolina,Vermont,connecticut,New Hampshire. We offer laser cutting technology including laser metal cutting,sheet metal cutting,precision laser cutting,advanced laser cutting services,industrial laser cutting,cutting fine lasers,CNC punching,metal forming,laser subassembly welding, fabrication job shop,large material cutting,thick material cutting,large place capacity,heavy plate cutting,thick plate cutting,laser weld assemblies. We are a laser cutting job shop in Ohio and other eastern United States for the following types of metals: aluminum laser cutting,stainless steel cutting,laser die cutting,aluminium welding,stainless steel welding,aluminum laser cutting,stainless steel cutting,carbon steel welding,carbon steel A36 cutting,cutting high strength low alloy materials,A572 grade steel,GR50 steel,titanium cutting,hast alloys,LDX alloys,aluminium welding,stainless steel welding,carbon steel welding.

We also offer armor plate cutting,Precision Metal Forming and Fabrication,Metalforming,Roll Forming,CNC Press Brake forming,Metal Bending,Stretch Forming,Machining,metalcutting, tube cutting, welding, laser die cutting,Laser Finishing,Sandblasting,Glass Bead Blasting,Blanchard Grinding,Laser Forming,Machining,Laser tube cutting,Plasma Cutting,Electroless Nickel Plating,Electro Polishing,Aluminum Anodizing,Passivation Stainless steel,Oxy burning. Laserflex is the #1 Machine Shop in Ohio and South Carolina offering Laser Machining,Laser Micromachining,Metal Working,Screw Machining,Tool and Die,Grinding,Machining,Welding,Custom Machining.